1943 Pictorial Map - The United States at War by: Turner

1943 The United States at War

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By: Stanley Turner

Date: 1943 (Published) Toronto

Dimensions: 20.2 x 26.2 inches (51.3 cm x 66.5 cm)

This striking pictorial map by Stanley Turner features the United States with vignette illustrations around the edges depicting historical moments in the history of the USA, as well as WWII events which involved U.S. military forces. Within each state are featured natural resources which were used for the war effort, any military bases located in the state, industries, state flags, flowers and capitals.

An inset chart in the lower left quadrant features detailed statistics regarding Army and Navy Personnel, Naval Fleets, Additional Military Camps and Locations, etc. In the upper right quadrant is an inset map of the various ‘Ocean Fronts’.

This pictorial map is rather scarce and is known to be in the holdings of three U.S. libraries.

Condition: This colorful pictorial map is in A condition. Slight wear at the folds has been reinforced by linen backing.

Inventory #10923

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