1716 Regnorum Hungariae, Dalmatiae, Croatiae, Sclavoniae, Bosniae, Serviae, et Principatus Transylvaniae, Novissima exhibition facta

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By: Johann Baptist Homann

Date: 1716 (circa) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 19.5 x 22.5 inches (50 cm x 57 cm)

This striking map covers the territory which was until fairly recently known as Yugoslavia, including the siege of (Belgrade), Bosnia, Croatia (Zagreb), Slovenia, Hungaria (Budapest) and southeast Austria (Vienna) with intricate detail and attention paid to topographic information and political divisions. Parts of Poland and Moravia are also included.

The decorative title cartouche depicts the siege of Belgrade raging in the background, and Magyar warriors in their traditional native dress surrendering to European military officials. The scale cartouche is a splendid embellishment to the map, surrounded by symbols of the principalities within the Hungarian Empire.

Condition: This map is a strong impression in B condition, with a slight centerfold roll. Toning is even and the map is engraved on expensive paper. Two tiny worm holes are in the center of the image. Very minor tears in the border have been repaired with archival material on the verso.

Inventory #19681

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