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Planetary System by: Yaggy 1887 - nwcartographic.com
Planetary System by: Yaggy 1887 - nwcartographic.com
Load image into Gallery viewer, Planetary System by: Yaggy 1887 - nwcartographic.com
Load image into Gallery viewer, Planetary System by: Yaggy 1887 - nwcartographic.com

1887 Planetary System

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By: Levi Walter Yaggy

Date: 1887 (Published) Chicago

Dimensions: 23 x 35 inches (58.4 cm x 89 cm)

This remarkable map entitled Planetary System is from Yaggy’s “Geographical Study Comprising Physical Political Geological and Astronomical Geography Published by Western Publishing House.” Yaggy was certain he was on the cusp of a radical change in the methodologies used in the educational process. Yaggy’s creativity was driven by this belief in the reform of teaching approaches, and in fact his publications were sold in great quantities in some areas of the country.

This map, with its flaps which open and close, exemplifies Yaggy’s creative genius. When backlit, the map with its various sections all closed, still illuminates portions of the imagery, including the sun, a number of the planets of our solar system, and even some moons of some of the planets. Each flap when opened reveals a new aspect of the heavens, such as an eclipse of the sun, a meteor shower, etc.

Specifically, the regions covered include:

(1) a North Sky circumpolar celestial hemisphere and North Sky planisphere with the night sky shown in light blue, the constellations are in place and white stars in various sizes, and with cut out tissue-backed figures of the sun, planets and their moons.

(2) The moon is imaged in crescent phase. With the flap opened the Moon is shown as seen through the largest telescope photo reproduction.

(3) Eclipse of the Sun shows an image of a full eclipse of the sun.

(4) A Meteoric Shower is depicted in a woodland setting. Below the flap is rendered The Change of the Seasons.

(5)The Zodiacal Light is in the lower left, where it is shown in a tropical setting. The flap lifts to reveal a Movable Diagram Showing the Succession of Day and Night also Giving the Comparative Time in Different Parts of the World.

Condition: This unusual map is in B+ condition with movable parts still in working order.

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