1671 Insulae Americanæ in Oceano Septentrionali, cum Terris adiacentibus.

$ 850.00

By: John Ogilby

Date: 1671 (circa) London

Dimensions: 11.2 x 14.2 inches (28.5 x 36 cm)

Focus is the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, accompanied by three European ships, compass roses and extensive rhumb lines. Striking cartouches around title (upper left) and scale (lower right), show European traders receiving goods brought by groups of dark-skinned inhabitants, some with feather headdresses. A sugarcane press and bundles of tobacco and cotton also appear.

Condition: Uncolored map with a strong impression on clean paper. Map is trimmed on left and right margins and the upper and lower margins have a few minor tears that no not enter the image.

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