1594 Orbis Terrarum Typus de Integro Multis in Locis Emendatus

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By: Petrus Plancius

Date: 1594 (dated) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 16 x 23 inches (41 cm x 58 cm)

This important map by Petrus Plancius, and engraved by Dutch master Jan van Doetecum’s, holds the distinction for being the first map of the world with highly decorative borders, a style which would be copied for more than a century following its publication. The borders include scenes from Europa, Asia, Mexicana, Peruana, Magallanica and Africa. Plancius took inspiration from drawings done by de Bry a few years earlier, and established a tradition that would be the standard for decades to come.

The geographical information provided by the map is of enormous value, as it depicts with some accuracy Japan and large areas of Asia. Of perhaps more significance is its depiction of the Arctic and Far East, in which an attempt at delineating a Northwest Passage is attempted. Plancius himself encouraged three voyages of William Barents (1594-1597) into the area. By depicting Novaya Zemlya as an island with open sea between it and the Arctic, Plancius gave cartographic encouragement to Dutch crews. 

Condition: This map is in B condition. There are signs of wear at the fold intersection. Separations have been repaired with archival material on the verso. Stain in the lower right quadrant.

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