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Antique Map: Amerique Septentrionale By: Victor Levasseur, 1840
Antique Map: Amerique Septentrionale By: Victor Levasseur, 1840
Load image into Gallery viewer, Antique Map: Amerique Septentrionale By: Victor Levasseur, 1840
Load image into Gallery viewer, Antique Map: Amerique Septentrionale By: Victor Levasseur, 1840

1840 Amerique Septentrionale

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By: Victor Levasseur

Date: 1840 (Published) Paris 

Dimensions: 12 x 17 inches (30.5 cm x 43.2 cm)

This is an authentic, antique map of North America in the mid nineteenth century. The map, notated in French, was created by V. Levasseur and published out of Paris in 1840. This is lavishly illustrated decorative map details the continent from the Arctic Regions, beautifully depicted in the north, to the northern edge of South America in the south.

The territorial claim of the United States runs to the Pacific Northwest to include present-day Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Though not identified by color, Texas had recently secured its independence from Mexico and was now entrenched in war with the Comanche and Kiowa tribes, who were ironically the reason Mexico initially welcomed American settlers in Texas. Mexico still expends as far north to include all of the American Southwest and would remain so until the signing of the Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo in February of 1848.

Arctic Exploration and Northwest Passage

Finally, we look to the North American Arctic region, where any Northwest Passage enthusiast will find the region as it was known during the period heightened of English exploration. The map was published after the initial expeditions of Parry, Franklin, Ross, Back, and Beechey, but prior to the disastrous Franklin Expedition in which the entire crew was lost and subsequent expedition were launched to find them but only succeeded in filling in the gaps of prior maps.

The Decorative Illustrations

All of this wonderful cartographic content is flanked by illustrations of natural and sometimes exotic flora and fauna all forming a lush, rich backdrop. Features such as a Mesoamerican pyramid, pieces of statuary resembling figures from Mesoamerica, a train going over the chasm of a waterfall, a frigate frozen in ice and Eskimos in mortal combat can be found within. These elaborate illustrations are the work of Raimond Bonheur, father of the famous French artist Rosa Bonheur.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition with some discoloration surrounding the map from prior framing and a tear at top-center that just enters the map title (repaired on the verso).

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