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Antique Art Print:  Prometheus, by Adolph Hirschl, 1893

1893 Prometheus

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Painted by:  Adolph Herschl (Austria)

Etched by:  Pierre Teyssonnieres

Date: 1893 (copyright) Philadelphia

Dimensions: 16.25 x10.75 inches

An original late 19th century fine art print of a painting by the Austrian artist, Adolph Hirschl , that was on display at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. This antique print,  was part of the 1893 Geo. Barrie publication of Art and Architecture by William Walton.

In this scene, the artist is portraying the punnishment of Prometheus, for having stolen the celestial fire from heaven for the benefit of man. In ancient Mythology, Hercules was permitted to slay the vulture with his arrow long before the allotted thirty thousand years of torment had expired.

"At the foot of the rock on which the benevolent Titan lay chained and groaning, the Oceanides came to lament his hard fate, for his mother, Klymene, had been one of their number, according to Hesiod."

Condition:  This print is in A condition on heavy 19th century fine art paper that displays an embossed Columbian Exposition stamp of authenticity.  There are no visible tears, holes, or folds.

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