1720 Carte Historique et Geographique pour introduire a l’Inteligence de l’Histoire de Savoye, et a la Connoissance de Gouverment, de cet Etat.

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By: Henri Abraham Chatelain

Date: 1720 (Published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 13.8 x 19.2 inches (35.1 x 48.8 cm)

This lovely hand colored map by Chatelain depicts the Savoye region, with a large plan of the City of Turin in the upper left quadrant and the Palais de la Venerie in the upper right.

The plans flank a highly detailed geographic map of the entire Duchy of Savoye as it was at the time the map was published. The various buildings housing the government in the Palais are rendered in ornate fashion and the plan of Turin depicts its marvelous defenses, including multiple defensive walls, a wide moat and engineering which takes advantage of natural defenses such as rivers and hills. Chatelain provides ample written descriptions below each image, coded by number to enable the reader to find the specific points of interests which he mentions.

This finely engraved map is from Chatelain’s Atlas Historique, which was published in seven volumes between 1705 and 1720 and is one of the most famous and prolific cartographic works of the early 18th century.

Condition: This beautifully hand colored map is in B condition, with faint damp staining which just enters the text portion of the map in the lower right and left corners, but doesn’t distract from the image.

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