1680 Nouvelle Zeekaart van t’derde Gedeelte Van t’ Canaal Tusschen Engeland en Vrankryk

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By: Johannes van Keulen

Date: 1680 (circa) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 19.75 x 22.5 inches (50 cm x 57 cm)

This striking sea chart is the work of Johannes van Keulen, a prominent 17th century Dutch cartographer.

Van Keulen provided seafarers of the late 17th century with invaluable information for planning voyages. Rhumb lines radiate from eleven fixed points on the chart, providing precise navigational data for navigators. This chart shows some hazards of the Channel, such as shoals and areas of the coast on either side which are particularly shallow, rendering them unnavigable for larger ships. Ports, cities, towns and islands are delineated and named, including the Isles of Scilly which are located south of Cornwall. A single decorative compass rose orients the map west.

Condition: This map is in A condition with even toning. It was beautifully colored at the time it was published.

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