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1671 Mappa Aestivarum Insularum, Alias Barmudas Dictarum

1671 Mappa Aestivarum Insularum, Alias Barmudas Dictarum

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By: Arnoldus Montanus

Date: 1671 (published) Antwerp

Dimensions: 11.5 x 13.75 inches (29.2 x 35 cm)

A splendid example of Arnoldus Montanus's  map of Bermuda, one of the earliest settled islands of the Americas. This map, like other 17th century maps of the island are based upon John Norwood's survey of 1618, as first published by John Speed in 1626. 

Its former capital, St. George, is holder of the title of longest continually inhabited English town in the Americas. Bermuda’s earliest known European visitor was Spaniard explorer Juan de Bermúdez, for whom it was named, who landed there in the early 16th century. The first known map on which the archipelago is represented dates to 1511, a short time following its discovery.

Here Montanus presents two maps in one as he utilized Speed's earlier projection, later updated with by Hondius with rhumb lines in order to demonstrate Bermuda's correct proportion and position. If one looks just above the large depiction of bermuda, they will find an additional island of Bermuda done much on a much smaller scale to present its position within the Atlantic, between coastlines of Britain, North America and Hispaniola. 

Montanus’ Bermuda Archipelago is rendered in detail and is replete with Norton’s 1618 survey results for the Bermuda Company. The parcels of land are indicated by lines on the islands, and by the names and numbers of owners in the table below the map. Norton created and named ‘tribes’ to organize the investors, and used the titles he’d chosen to identify the land allotted to each group.

The decorative scale of miles cartouche features indigenous peoples and Europeans using survey instruments peacefully together while a regiment of armed Europeans is pictured in the background. The title cartouche is of nautical theme, featuring Neptune with his trident riding a pair of sea monsters, with putti and mermaids and beautiful seashells forming part of its border. Coats of arms of England and Bermuda are at top left.

Condition:  Map is in A condition with wide margins and lovely hand coloring atop a strong impression on clean paper.

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