1750 Amerique Septentrionale dressee, sur les Relations les plus modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs, et divisee suivant les differentes possessions des Europeens

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By: Robert de Vaugondy

Date: 1750 (dated) 1757 (published) Paris

Dimensions: 18.8 x 23.1 inches (47.8 x 58.7 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of North America by Robert De Vaugondy. The map is dated 1750, but was published in Vaugondy’s “Atlas Universal” out of Paris in 1757.

This exceptionally detailed and attractive map shows the North American continent at a time of various European power struggles over new lands. The map was created just before and published during the French and Indian War (Seven Years War), and shows the English colonies hugging the coastline while the French lay claim to the majority of the land. Spanish possessions are shown to extend into present day Colorado and along the California, which is now shown as a peninsula and not an island. In the Caribbean, various islands are color coded by European possessions.

Vaugondy borrowed various sources to complete the geographical makeup of this map. The layout of the Great Lakes as well as false islands in Lake Superior comes from the works of Jacques Nicolas Bellin. Guillame De L'Isle's and Jean-Baptiste D'Anville can be credited with the delineation of the Gulf coastline and the Mississippi River Valley, of which several French forts and Native American tribes are noted. The northwestern portion of the continent can be credited to no one as it is land yet to be explored (at least by Europeans). An interesting river mouth that contains the phrase Entrée decouvert par Martin d'Aquilar (Entrance discovered by Martin d’Aquilar) should be noted as a possible opening for the highly sought after Northwest Passage.

Adorning the map is a lavish title cartouche flanked by indigenous trees and Native Americans, one that include a mother nursing an infant. At the base, an alligator rests atop a waterfall. The opposite corner of the map features a distance scale displaying several European miles adjusted by varying degrees of latitude. The map is displayed in an Azimuthal Vertical projection originally employed by Matthias Seutter in 1740.

Condition: Map is in A condition with wide margins and original coloring.

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