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South America. Performed under the Patronage of Louis Duke of Orleans First Prince of the Blood. To His Grace the Duke of Rutland. This Map of South America is most humbly Inscribed.

By: Jean Baptiste Bourgignon d’Anville/Solomon Bolton

Date: 1755 (Dated) London

Dimensions: 29.5 x 48 inches (74.9 x 121.9 cm)

This magnificent large format (three-sheet) map is based on d’Anville’s map of 1746. Amended by Solomon Bolton and published in 1755, this map covers from the Lesser Antilles and Panama to Cape Horn, and represents a serious attempt to compile all the known scientific knowledge of the continent in one map.

The original work was fully re-engraved with all text translated to English, and with the addition of a splendid decorative title cartouche including interestingly Anglo-centric commentary. It also incorporates information unavailable to d’Anville, namely data from the expedition of Charles Marie de la Condamine. Published only in 1748, it thus had not been available to d’Anville.

By the 18th century an enormous amount of information was available regarding South America, and new voyages and expeditions continuously contributed additional data. Thus both the east and west coasts of the continent are quite well-defined, as Spanish and Portuguese navigators had been mapping the areas since the early 16th century.

Though much of the interior was yet unexplored, the map contains a number of corrections and updates. The mythical Lake Parima and the legendary city of El Dorado are not present, and the flood plain in that area is accurately depicted. The notes in various places on the map are of great interest and include the names and dates of early voyages and discoveries, details regarding local history in various places, and geographical and topographical details abound including the great river systems and mountain chains of the continent.

Condition: This beautiful large format map is in A condition, with the three sheets having been joined meticulously and with great precision.

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