1930 Provincial Maps of Japan (8)

$ 750.00

By: Anonymous

Date: 1930 circa (published)

Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.6 inches (30 x 22 cm)

This beautiful collection of 8 provincial maps is in a splendid and rare cartoon style.

During the era in which this booklet was published Japan was experienced a wave of fervent nationalism. The fascist Kokumin Domei was ascendant around this time, opening the way for strong military intervention on all affairs political. In this collection of pictorial maps one can see the Japanese conquest of South Korea and the possession of the southern border of Sakhalin. Both of these territories were spoils from the Russia-Sino war of 1904-05, which was the victory that catapulted Japan onto the world stage.

Lining the margins of the first page, and within the other 7 maps one can see the playful yet detailed cartoon imagery of people living and working on the islands. Prominent on every map is at least one or two military figures. Japanese Zero fighters, geisha, and samurai make their appearances as well, cementing the traditional Japanese values that were so loved at the time.

Condition: This collection is in a B+ condition due to the title page having a right-hand separation reaching into the margins of the image. Foxing and dark ink is prevalent, but limited to the margins of any given page. Overall this is a vibrantly colored unique piece, perfect for any serious World War 2 collector.

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