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Antique Maps of the Caribbean

Explore rare and antique maps of the Caribbean islands. Find historical maps of Cuba from the 16th century by cartographers such as Ruscelli that also include the islands of Trinidad, Caymans and Jamaica. The rich history of the Caribbean is captured in these finely detailed maps, especially the 17th-century antique map of Martinique featuring the infamous Mount Pelee which destroyed the city of St. Pierre in 1901. These early maps of the new world feature parts of North America, Central America, large portions of Mexico and attempt to delineate a Northwest Passage. You can also find antique sea charts of the major Caribbean islands in the Atlantic ocean, each section identifies the locations of towns, forts, rivers, and some physical topography as well as navigational hazards, anchorages, and shallow banks. Whether you're looking to collect depictions of well-known Islands throughout history or learn more about your own lineage in the Caribbean there's a map for you.
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