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1944 Dia Toa Senka Gakushu Exu (Japanese WWII Pictorial Map of the Pacific)

1944 Dia Toa Senka Gakushu Exu (Japanese WWII Pictorial Map of the Pacific)

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By: Keiu Hatano / Keizo Shimada

Date: June 20, 1944 (published) Japan

Dimensions: 20.5 x 29 inches (52cm x 73.7 cm)

This is a fascinating, Japanese WWII pictorial map of Southeast Asia, Oceania, Australia, and the Pacific. The map centers over the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, and extends as far north to Alaska and east to include the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. This inclusion of such a vast stretch of the world, while focusing on a much smaller region, severely distorts the size of several countries, so much so that Papua New Guinea is depicted to be nearly the size of the United States.

There are several different pictorial images throughout the map that are explained in Japanese within two separate keys in the lower left. One of the keys pertains to war and includes symbols representing naval and air force bases, active and sunken ships (including Pearl Harbor), as well as Japanese and American strongholds, to name a few. The other key focuses on resources and includes symbols that represent a variety of fruits, vegetables, medicine, farms, mines, precious stones, and other natural resources. Not included within these keys are several animals found throughout the map that include Kangaroo and Ostrich in Australia, crocodiles, monkeys, and tropical birds in Indonesia, as well as rhinos and water buffalo in Bangladesh and Burma.

This is not just a pictorial map that is very eye pleasing, but one that represents an area of the world, once relatively unknown to most soldiers, that played a very important role in the largest war the world has ever seen. It’s absolutely loaded with a plethora of information that contributes to the wonderment and beauty of the map as a whole. An absolute must have for any WWII enthusiast or collector of Southeast Asia, Pacific, or pictorial maps

Condition: This map is in B+ condition with a few extremely small holes along the folds and a narrow top margin. The paper is thin (as issued) and the color is original.. 20.5 x 29 inches (52cm x 73.7 cm).

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