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Vintage Pictorial Map of Yosemite National Park by: Jo Mora

1931- 1941 Yosemite

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By: Jo Mora

Date: 1931 - 1941 (Published) Yosemite Park and Curry Company

Dimensions: 17.75 x 14 inches (45 cm x 35.6)

This is an original of one of Jo Mora’s lithographic posters, printed in color in 1931. Mora became widely known in a variety of fields, and was especially appreciated for his posters featuring different vacation spots and other favourite haunts.

Mora dedicated his map to the “esteemed memory of my friend… Stephen T. Mather” director of the National Park Service, “whose untiring efforts… have been so fruitful in Making Yosemite a vacation mecca for the people of… future generations.”

The map bears a heading by Mora under the title: “There is so much of Grandeur and reverential Solemnity to Yosemite that a bit of humor may help the better to happily reconcile ourselves to the triviality of Man. Give me the souls who smile at their devotions! Now should this light effort – not altogether truthful, so not altogether dull – afford you a tithe of mirth, I shall feel I have added to your reverence for Yosemite.”

The map combines factual informative with humorous motifs such as an image resembling the leaning tower of Pisa, a priest standing atop the Cathedral Spires, Sentinel Rock has a soldier with a bayoneted rifle standing guard, the Royal Arches have a king, etc. Three of the map’s edges feature various iconic images associated with Yosemite, such as Indians, a grizzly bear, horseback riding, and many types of winter sports.

Condition: This linen-backed map is in A condition with small thumbtack holes visible in the outer corners

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