1918 World War I Commemorative Map

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Map Maker: Anonymous

Date: 1918 (Circa) Japan

Dimensions: 20.5 x 30.5 inches (52 cm x 77.5 cm)

This is an authentic, vintage map of the world commemorating Japanese involvement in WWI. The map is ornamented with numerous world leaders, most of whom were in power during the first world war. At center is an image of the Japanese Emperor Taisho. The top left corner features an image of someone made to look like Emperor Jimmu, the 1st emperor of Japan who according to legend lived from 711 – 585 BCE (126 years). The top right corner features an image of Emperor Meji (1868 – 1912), who preceded Taisho and is known for moving the capitol to Edo (present day Tokyo). Other world leaders shown above the map include King George V (Great Britain) Tsar Nicolas II (Russia), Sultan Mehmed V (Ottoman), Franz Joseph (Austria – Hungary), Woodrow Wilson (United States of America), and Albert I (Belgium), to name a few. The map is shown using a double hemisphere projection, omitting the Antarctic and any small islands.

Condition: This map is in B condition, with original coloring, laid down on a canvas poster for conservation and framing purposes. Some areas of restoration include small holes that were filled and had pigment added to match.

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