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Vintage Poster Italy - 2A Festa Della Montagnia : nwcartographic.com

1948 (circa) 2A Festa Della Montagnia

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By: Imp. Abette

Date: 1948 (circa)

Dimensions: 39 x 27.5 inches (99 cm x 70 cm)

This colorful original vintage poster was published in Italy in 1948, and was published to advertise mountainous regions throughout the country. Italy recovered quickly from the staggering losses incurred during WWII, with the new government contributing in myriad ways to assist in rebuilding the country’s economy. Posters such as this were designed to improve tourism and its related industries, helping to quickly reestablish Italy as a highly desirable tourist and pilgrimage destination.

The poster features three different mountain destinations in Italy. The first, Monte Grappa, is commonly referred to as Italy’s Thermopylae, for no battle defines Italy’s struggle in WWI better than Monte Grappa. The combat which took place on the massif is considered by Italians to be one of the greatest unsung battles of WWI, in which the Italian Army’s courage at a last stand in late 1917 prevented the combined Austrian and German armies from winning total victory. The tomb of 25,000 Italian and Austrian soldiers on Grappa’s very summit bears mute witness to the struggle which took place there.

The second mountain destination is Monte Subasio in Umbria, another region of historical significance. In addition to being an area of great natural beauty which is designated as a national park, cities on or near Subasio have played important roles in Italy’s history. The ancient small city and commune of Spello, is located on the lower southern flank of Subasio. Under Constantine the Great, it was the regional capital. Assisi, a short ten km away, is the birthplace of St. Francis, one of Italy’s patron saints. The massive two-level Basilica in his name was consecrated in 1253. Its chapel was adorned by Cimabue and Giotto with frescoes portraying the Saint’s life.

The third area named is Castel del Monte, or ‘Castle of the Mountain’, a 13th century citadel and castle which were never complete, all situated on a hill in the Apulia region of southeast Italy. Construction was undertaken in the 1240s by Emperor Frederick II, who had inherited the lands from his mother. Nearby is the monastery of Santa Maria del Monte. At the time construction was in process, the region was known for its fertile fields, its plentiful water supply, and its lush vegetation.

Condition: Map is in A condition, and backed with linen.

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