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The Land of the New Testament by: Jaro Hess 1939 : nwcartographic.com

1939 The Land of the New Testament

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By: Jaro Hess

Date: 1939 (Published) Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dimensions: 17.75 x 26 inches (45 inches x 66 cm)

This vintage pictorial map is one of Hess’s more sought after works, featuring vignettes depicting famous scenes from the New Testament, including the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger, the flight to Egypt, the driving out of the traders from the temple, and all other major Biblical events and miracles.

Indeed, depicted is virtually every well-known event in the life of Christ from his birth to his death on Golgotha. These vignettes, along with ancient cities of great importance, the River Jordan, The Sea of Galilee, all combine to present a synopsis of the life of Christ in pictorial terms accompanied by short verbal descriptions.

The artist’s life was as interesting and compelling as are his pictorial works. Jaro Hess was born in a small town in Czechoslovakia in 1889. As a teenager he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion, a decision he quickly came to regret. He escaped and on returning to Europe enrolled in the University of Prague, where he earned a degree in metallurgy, following which he moved to America. Hess worked in a variety of professions but on retiring at the age of 61, he turned his full attention to painting, which he continued till his death at the age of ninety.

Some of his works have enjoyed great popularity since their initial publication, and are reproduced in great numbers. This map is an authentic original which has been preserved in marvelous condition.

Condition: This map is in A condition and has been backed with linen to preserve its integrity.

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