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The Odyssey of F.D.R. | A Map By: Alajalov / Fortune Magazine, 1939

1939 The Odyssey of F.D.R.

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By: Constantin Alajalov     Pub. Fortune Magazine

Date: October 1939 – New York, NY

Dimensions: 13.75 x 22 inches (35 x 56 cm)

This persuasive map titled "The Odyssey of F.D.R." is best described within as a "free-wheeling trip through the headlines of the last seven years." It was published by Fortune Magazine in October 1939 just prior to the Democratic President winning a third term in office, which made him the only U.S. President to serve for more than two terms.

Henry Luce, the publisher of Time, Life and Fortune Magazine, was deeply critical of President Roosevelt and it shows through this cartoon / map. While the map notes areas with which F.D.R. had great success, it continually reminds us of his shortcomings, and the result on the American people and economy. This is most prominent in the central portion of the map during the year of 1937.

The odyssey begins in the top right with a balanced budget, the repeal of  prohibition and regulations pf bank and utilities. As the trail goes on, events of F.D.R.'s presidency are portrayed, some of which include the stock market crash in July of 1933, which led to the Great Depression, a trade deal with the U.S.S.R., the U.S. Army's disastrous attempt to fly U.S. mail, minimum wage and social security acts, his renomination, and the continual placements to a cactus draped with a black rage that tracks the rising public debt.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in April of 1945 from a cerebral hemorrhage. Even after his death, Mr. Luce is quoted as saying that is was his "duty to go on hating him."

Condition: This map is in A+ condition, issued with three vertical folds that have been flattened and reinforced on the verso. No tears or holes exist and the color is bold and vibrant.

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