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1930 The Land of Make Believe

1930 The Land of Make Believe

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By: Jaro Hess

Date: 1930 (dated) Grand Rapids, MI

Dimensions: 24.5 x 36.25 inches (62 x 92 cm)

A very rare example of the first state of this map, identified by the date 1930 in the ribbon at lower left which also bares Hess's name.

This is arguably the most imaginative and delightful maps every created. Jaro Hess's work depicts a marvelous wonderland including castles from every culture, and from his very own imagination. We see such familiar figures as the cow jumping over the moon, Jack climbing the Bean Stalk, the Emerald City of Oz, the house that belongs to Grandfather Know-All, Hansel and Gretel and the Gingerbread House, to name just a few of the well-known marvels of this wondrous poster. We also see figures such as mermaids, peculiar fishes, the water babies and the mysterious island. 

Rarity of the first state

Only two other first state examples are known to us. One which is part of the David Rumsey Collection at Stanford and another that is in private hands previously sourced by New World Cartographic from an original owner in 2016. Many later examples of this map can be found with differing color palates, and a subtle yet notable change to the character "the Wandering Jew" to "the Wanderer." All of these later examples lack they year 1930 in the ribbon at lower left.   

About Jaro Hess

Czech-born artist Jaro Hess' map has been stimulating the imagination of youngsters of all ages since its publication in 1930. Hess' painting, "Adventure in Storyland," which offered a dazzling Grand Unifying Theory of the world's fairy tales, was turned into a poster by The Child's Wonderland Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The poster provides not only a glimpse into the best-known fairy tales from different parts of the world, but also a glimpse into the inner world of Hess, who, due to the Great Depression, found it necessary to do whatever job came to hand, while at the same time indulging his passion for art.

Condition: Map is in A condition presenting a nearly full image on all sides. The map is free from any backing board, which is a rarity among most other example of this map in any state. Colors are bold without any sign of damage, tears, water staining, etc.

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