1741 Regni Galliae seu Franciae et Navarrae Tabula Geographica…

1741 Regni Galliae seu Franciae et Navarrae Tabula Geographica…

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By: Homann heirs

Date: 1741 (Published) Nuremburg

Dimensions: 20 x 22 inches (51 cm x 56 cm)

This striking map from the Homann family is based on an earlier work of Guillaume de L’Isle. It depicts France, Navarre, and parts of Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. All known topographical features are noted and named, including fortified cities, villages, roads, bridges, forests, and castles as they were in the mid-eighteenth century. The English Channel and part of England itself are depicted, as is part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The elaborate title cartouche, which fills much of the lower left quadrant, is topped by a royal crest and features a bearded individual in military uniform concealing a sword behind his back. He is confronting a woman dressed as an Amazon of ancient fame, who is holding a gorgon shield. Below them are two children making wine.

Condition: This map is in C condition. A centerfold separation which extends into the image has been repaired with archival material on the verso. The lower edge has been trimmed to the border.

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