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1930s Japanese Map of China and Korea following the Occupation of Manchuria

1930s Japanese Map of China and Korea following the Occupation of Manchuria

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時局解説: 支那漫画鳥瞰図/日支問題地図

By: Kazuaki Wakayama / Masayuki Kibe

Date: 1930s (published) Japan

Dimensions: 29.5 x 41 inches (75 x 104 cm)

A scarce variation of a Japanese game / pictorial map that focuses on the Occupation of Manchuria that began on 18 September 1931 and led to the Japanese established the puppet state of Manchukuo.

The map shows much of present day China, Korea, and part of Russia and Mongolia, divided into factions which are represented by the various national flags that control or at least have a presence in the area. The two most common flags found within the map are that of the Soviets and Japanese, with Chinese nationalist and a variety of European flags also prevalent along the coasts and on ships.

While the map is cheerful in color, it is rather dark in content. Numerous scenes depict violent acts performed by all sides involved in the conflict. Other imagery representing natural resources, agriculture, and industry can be found throughout the map.

A large inset shows the region in a more traditional format while at the bottom of the map Japanese text replaces smaller inset city maps found in most other examples of this map.

Condition: Map is in A condition with full margins and bright colors. The map has been linen back for conservation and presentation purposes.

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