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Osaka Asahi's Latest Map of Shanghai, 1932

1932 Osaka Asahi's latest map of Shanghai

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By: Osaka Asahi Newspaper

Date: March 5, 1932 (Showa 7) Osaka, Japan

Dimensions: 20.25 x 30 inches (51.5 x 76.2 cm)

This is a 1932 map of Shanghai published by Osaka Asahi Newspaper. The "International Settlement" refers to the merged British and American enclaves in the city. British and American subjects enjoyed extraterritoriality in these zones, which means they were subject to the laws of their home country and not the local ones. 

In the 1930s Japanese citizens came to account for a majority of extraterritorial citizens in Shanghai. In 1932 from January 28th to March 3rd (two days before this map was published) Japan invaded Shanghai. The conflict ended in the "Shanghai Cease Fire Agreement," forbidding Chinese troops in the city and surrounding areas, while allowing Japanese troops within. Japanese control was strongest in the Honkou district in the north of this map. Japan gradually took over the rest of the international settlement gaining full control in 1941.

The map is color coded by International Settlements (Orange) and French Settlements (Peach), with parks identified in Green. Several insets are included, providing a look at a general map of Shanhai Wusong (top left), a general map of southeast China (bottom right), and a small map of Nangking (bottom left). The lower portion of the map features a photographic view of downtown Shanghai from across the Whangpoo (Yantze) River. A key to the right identifies various landmarks and buildings of which include the Japanese, American, and English Consulates, Garden Bridge, Community Park, Jardine Steam Boat Company, Bank of China, Sassoon House, and the Palace Hotel to name a few. Streets, landmarks, docks, and wharfs, are identified in English throughout the map.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition with some small separations along some of the folds. The map had been backed with linen for preservation and presentation purposes, a completely reversible process. 

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