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Chart of the Northwest Passage, Between Asia & America

1853 Chart of the Northwest Passage, Between Asia & America

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By: George Philip

Date: 1853 (Published) London

Dimensions: 19.75 x 24.25 (50.17 x 61.6 cm)

This rare map features the long sought route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Northwest Passage.

The idea of a the Passage dates far back in time and was sought for centuries before finally being mapped and proven factual by Roald Amundsen, whose quest resulted in his reaching Alaska in 1906, following a three-year expedition. The map depicts eastern Asia, Russian America (now Alaska), parts of Canada and northwestern America and part of what would eventually become the state of California, and of course the Passage itself through the Bering Straits.

Of especial interest are details along the borders of both continents which reflect the information gained by earlier voyages such as those by Franklin and Richardson in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Names on the continent of North America include those of Russian, indigenous Indian and European origin. Lands of indigenous peoples are named, and all known ports, towns and cities are identified. Topographical and geographical features are noted. 

Condition: This original color map is in A condition with one small rust spot and minor foxing.

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