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[Indians Hunting Stags.]

1655 [Indians Hunting Stags.]

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By: Theodor de Bry / Johann Ludwig Gottfried

Date: 1655 (Published) Frankfurt

Dimensions: 6 x 8.5 inches (15.24 cm x 20.32 cm)

This engraving depicts indigenous peoples of North America as they hunt stags, and was published originally by Theodor de Bry, and then later by Gottfried. Jacques le Moyne de Morgues was the official artist on two French voyages to Florida in the 1560s, and he documented the Timucuan Indians of the region as well as the construction and later destruction of the French settlement at Fort Caroline. His account is less well known for its text than for the forty four engravings produced by Theodor de Bry in multiple volumes dedicated to European exploration of the New World.

The following description is translated from the German text accompanying the engraving. “Nowhere have we seen stag hunting as the Indians do it. They put themselves inside the skins of the largest stags they have been able to kill, so that their heads are in those of the animals. As with a mask they see out through the holes of the eyes. Thus dressed they can approach the deer closely without frightening them. Beforehand they find out the time when the animals come to the river to drink. Bow and arrow to hand, it is easy for them to aim, especially since stags are numerous in this country. Experience has taught them to protect their left arm with a piece of bark to avoid being hurt by the string of the bow. They know how to prepare the skins in a wonderful way, without iron instruments, using shells. In my opinion, no one in Europe could rival their skill.”

Condition: This engraving is in B+ condition, with the right edge shorn to the border of the image.

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