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1935 Washington

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By: Ruth Taylor

Date: 1935 (Published) Boston

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.5 inches (22.2 cm x 29.2

This colorful pictorial map of the state of Washington was done in 1935 by the famous American cartographer Ruth Taylor. It appeared in the atlas published by Taylor and her husband entitled “Our U.S.A. - a Gay Geography”, with maps done by Ruth and text by her husband Frank. The map provides local color and flavor, depicting cultural stereotypes, industries and activities of the state. The Cascade Mountains are the focal point of the map, starting just north of the Canadian border and extending southward into the state of Oregon. The river systems of the region are nicely depicted, including sounds, bays and harbors on the coast and a number of lakes inland. Taylor uses multiple iconic figures to describe the various cultural traditions and economic activities. Agriculture, tourism and the logging industry appear to constitute the principal components of the state’s economy. Various species of wildlife populate areas of wilderness.

Condition: This color lithograph is in A condition.. 

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