Valentiae Regni olim Contestanorum Si Ptolemaeo, Edentanorum Si Plinio Credimus Typus

1584 Valentiae Regni olim Contestanorum Si Ptolemaeo, Edentanorum Si Plinio Credimus Typus

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By: Abraham Ortelius

Date: 1584 (Published) Antwerp

Dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 inches (34.4 cm x 49.5 cm)

This rare antique map by Flemish cartographer and geographer Abraham Ortelius was published in his atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The map depicts the Kingdom of Valencia, which was formally created in 1238 and dissolved by Philip V of Spain in 1707. During its existence the Kingdom was ruled by the laws and institutions stated in the charters of Valencia, which granted it wide self-government under the Crown of Aragon, and later under the Spanish Kingdom. The Boundaries and identity of the modern-day autonomous community of Valencia are essentially those of the former Kingdom. Settled by the Romans in the second century BCE, this region of Spain has been known historically for its abundant agricultural contributions to the economy. Its capital city, Valencia, has been an important port city from early times to the present. The map is centered on the city of Valencia and extends from Murcia and Orihuella to the Cenia River, extending inland to include portions of both Aragon and Castilla.

The map’s decorative elements include a large European frigate with sails hoisted and a smaller vessel reminiscent of galleys which formerly would have been encountered with high frequency in ancient times in the Mediterranean.

Condition: This map on good heavy paper is in B condition with water staining which would respond well to professional restoration. 

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