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Mapa Ilustrado de la Republica Mexicana Publicado Por Margaret M. Crane Eugenio Fischgrund By: Miguel Gómez Medina Date: 1930s

1930s Mapa Ilustrado de la Republica Mexicana...

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Mapa Ilustrado de la Republica Mexicana Publicado Por Margaret M. Crane Eugenio Fischgrund

By: Miguel Gómez Medina

Date: 1930s (circa) Mexico

Dimensions: 19.75 x 23 inches (50.2 x 58.4 cm)

This is an exuberant 1930s pictorial map of Mexico designed to entice tourists to explore the many natural, historic, and cultural attractions of the country. The map was created by Miguel G. Medina, and published by Margaret M. Crane & Eugenio Fischgrund.

This pictorial map of Mexico is divided by states with railroad lines extending across the country in all directions. Traditional cartographic elements are replaced by imagery of various locals using colors that allow them to blend in and out from one another. In the lower right corner, inset images depict the history of Mexico as well as Mexican customs and traditions. Such insets include the Founding of Mexico in 1325, Conquest of Mexico by Cortes in 1531, Independence of Mexico in September 16, 1810, a Rodeo, Cock-Fight, Bull Fight, and the National Dance, to name a few. A large inset fills the Gulf of Mexico and features the chorus of the national anthem of Mexico, numerous figures in indigenous garb, and a quote from the beginning of the volume on Mexico from William H. Prescott's historical series "The Nations of the World."

The map was created by Miguel Gomez Medina and was given to tourists at various hotels and restaurants in Mexico City. Several versions of this map were published: larger versions in both English and Spanish and a smaller version that appeared several years later. This is the large Spanish version, with the addition of 6 planes added just across the border in the United States.

Condition: This map is in A condition displaying bright colors on clean paper with full margins. The map has been professionally linen backed for preservation and presentation purposes.

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