1883 Map Showing Indian Reservations in the United States West of the 84th Meridian and Number of Indians belonging thereto

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By: Thomas Donaldson

Date: 1883 (dated)

Dimensions: 13.25 x 17.75 inches (33.65 x 45 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of the dissemination of Native America Reservations in the United States west of the 84th Meridian. The map is by Thomas Donaldson and dated 1883.

Native American land reservation are the domineering feature of this map as there is a complete absence of topographic detail and state lines are faint and hard to discern from rivers and lines of latitude and longitude. A key in the lower left differentiates the “Indian lands,” as established, title to which is being extinguished, and to be established. Names and populations of the various tribes are noted within the reservations.

Condition: Map is in A condition with original color on clean paper with no tears or fold separations.

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