1954 Les Vignobles de France/Vins de Bordeaux

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By: Remy Hetreau

Date: 1954 (published) Paris

Dimensions: 25.25 x 30.5 inches (64.1 cm x 77.5 cm)

This marvelous poster dating from 1954 was commissioned by the French government to highlight and promote the legendary Bordeaux wine-producing region of the country. Printed in France, it is the work of French artist, illustrator and print maker, Remy Hetreau.

Here we find the sun shining merrily over the entire Bordeaux area, and a chateau embellishing one side of the map while on the opposite side sits a goddess of libation astride a large wooden wine cask, a goblet in one hand and a flagon of wine in the other. A ship loaded with the same sort of casks leaves shore with sales furled to the wind. Grapes and grape leaves are entwined and join through a scroll cartouche. The fleur de lis and the French Lion are featured in a coat of arms at the top of the map. The title is contained in a ribbon cartouche at the top of the map.

Condition: This linen-backed poster is in A condition.

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