Antique Map : Il Paese de' Selvaggi Outagamiani, Mascoutensi... by: Zatta 1778

1778 Il Paese de' Selvaggi Outagamiani, Mascoutensi, Illinesi; e parte delle VI Nazioni

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By: John Mitchell / Antonio Zatta

Date: 1778 (published) Venice

Dimensions: 13 x 16.5 inches (33 x 42 cm)

"The Country of Savages..." An important early map of the mid-west, illustrating some of the earliest European geographic knowledge of the landscape and the native peoples that inhabited the region.

This Italian map focuses on the area between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, north to include all of Lake Michigan and much of what would soon become the Northwest Territory. It was issued in Zatta's "Atlante Novissimo" as one of twelve sections of the Italian version of Mitchell's landmark map of North America. 

The map provides a wealth of information on the indigenous tribes that occupied the area upon the initial arrival of European explorers and fur traders. Several villages are noted throughout and one of the earliest instances of Chicagou (in the location of Chicago) can be found in the map, just east of an interesting depiction of false mountains. Other notations within the map describe an "immense prairie full of Buffalo," while another describes the "great plain of high elevation," that often appeared in many later maps as a mountain rang extending north and south in present day Michigan. 

Two areas of text within the map describe these tribes and their history. 

One translates to the following: "Quadoghe, thus named by the Six Nations, the extension of their territory and the limits according to the sales contract made by England in the years 1701, 1706, and 1744."

Another describes the history or war between tribes: "The ancient Erii were destroyed by the Iroquois 120 years ago and since then, they own Lake Erie."

This map is one of the best and most affordable pieces of cartographic history  pertaining to the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  It is an essential piece for collectors of the region or anyone that ever wished there to be a mountain range just west of Chicago. 

Condition: Map is in B+ condition with original color over a strong impression with full margins. There is slight discoloration of the paper along the center fold and a few worm tracks confined within the margins that have been repaired on the verso.

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