Map of Fort Hill Monterey California by: U.S. Was Department, 1850

1850 Map of Fort Hill Monterey California

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Map of Fort Hill Monterey California Reduced by Scale from Lieut Warner's Field Map Made in 1847 by P.M. McGill, C.E.

By: P.M. McGill / Ackerman

Date: 1850 (Published) New York, NY

Dimensions: 13 x 19.2 inches (23.4 x 33 cm)

This U.S. War Department map by P.M. McGill provides much topographical information for Fort Hill, Monterey California. It locates the fortified Monterey Redoubt, the Old Mexican Fort, and the claims of Doyle, Shubrick, Bailey, Spence and Little. A decorative vignette is near the title.

Condition: Issued folding with a binding trim at top left that just enters the neatline. There is faint scattered foxing and an extraneous crease at bottom left.

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