WWII Era Full Page Advertisement for Glenmore’s Kentucky Tavern Whiskey

Fine Arts, Blended Whiskey, 1941

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By: Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc.

Date: 1941

Dimensions: 13.75 x 11.75 inches

A full page, full color advertisement for Fine Arts, blended whiskey created by Canada Dry Ginger Ale, inc. The large image of a finished portrait of “Dr. Johnson” by eighteenth century painter, Sir Joshua Reynolds is used as a metaphor for the finished product of Fine Arts whiskey. In the lower left of the print, there are four outlined stages of the portrait painting process, utilized by the people at Canada Dry Ginger Ale to build a comparison for the time and effort used to create this blended whiskey, “a masterpiece of flavor!”. Beginning in 1904, Canada Dry Ginger Ale gained staggering popularity as a mixer for alcoholic beverages during Prohibition. Later adding Fine Arts whiskey to its line of products, in an effort to be more of a one stop shop in the beverage community.

Condition: This single page advertisement is in A condition, with no visible toning, color fading or tears.

Inventory # 70033

1932 S. Halsted St. #200 Chicago, IL 60608 | P: (312) 496 - 3622

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