A Field Guide to American Wild Highs - High Times Map, 1978

1978 A Field Guide to American Wild Highs

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By: Louis Crandell / Hour Hands, Inc.

Date: 1978 (published) Los Angeles

Dimensions: 10.25 x 15.75 inches (26 x 40 cm)

Begin your psychedelic journey with this unique map of magic mushrooms, smoke-able plants, and other edibles found throughout the United States, Northern Mexico and Southern Canada.

The map, published in a 1978 edition of High Times Magazine is a useful tool for anyone with a desire to search for natural psychedelics. Aside from geo-political boundaries, the map provides very little traditional cartographic detail. It is surrounded with photographic images of the various natural highs that are numbered and act as a key to the map. 

High Times Magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Forçade as a a single-issue lampoon of Playboy, substituting weed for sex. The magazine advocates the legalization of cannabis and has been involved in the marijuana-using counterculture since its inception. During the time of publication the magazine was aptly funded by drug money from the sale of illegal marijuana.

Condition: The map is in A condition, printed to typical magazine paper with previous staple holes closed and reinforced on the verso.

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