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1943 Captain Silver’s Sea Chart

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By: Neff

Date: 1943 (copyright) New York

Dimensions: 26 x 19.5 inches (66 x 50 cm)

This brightly colored, finely illustrated poster map of America was produced on behalf of Nelson A. Rockefeller’s Office of Inter-American Affairs, in connection with the American Radio Program. The show, which was broadcast five times a week, featured Captain Silver and his sidekick Jerry, hunting Nazi spies throughout the western hemisphere. It was part of a national program intended to strengthen inter-American relations.

The map pictorially depicts the Western Hemisphere, with iconic products and/or personages of each country or region drawn in vivid colors. A variety of the latest models of modes of transportation decorate the map, including a sailboat, a speedboat, and an ocean liner. An airplane called the Sky Hound flies over the Atlantic.

Condition: This linen-backed map is in B+ condition. Any paper separations at the folds of the map have been reinforced by the linen backing.

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