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Atlantis Insula, A Nicolao Sanson Antiquitati Restituta… by: Mortier, 1700 - California as an Island

1700 Atlantis Insula, A Nicolao Sanson Antiquitati Restituta…

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By: Pieter Mortier

Date: 1700 (circa) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 15.25 x 21 inches

This fascinating Mortier map focusing on the Americas was based on a map published by by Nicolas Sanson some decades earlier. While parts of other continents are shown, the map’s focal point is the two American continents, which are labeled as the Island of Atlantis, of mythological renown.

The configuration of the continents was drawn according to what was known of the Americas by cartographers in Western Europe in the 17th century. Coastlines of eastern Asia, Europe and Africa arealso shown, as well as parts of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. The map is topographical, and the only cities depicted are Cuzco and Mexico City. The Great Lakes are present, but misshapen and open-ended in the west. California is shown as an island. The mysterious island of Thule, of which there has been much discussion and disagreement since the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas in the fourth century BC first mentioned it, is depicted and named in the north Atlantic.  

A vignette near the title cartouche depicts Poseidon/Neptune granting Atlantis to his ten sons, and the Latin text in the cartouche alludes to this well-known myth.

Condition: This hand colored map is in A condition with one small area of thinning in the Atlantic. Superb impression.

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