1719 Carte de l’Ile de Java: partie Occidentale, partie Orientale, dressée tout nouvellement sur les mémoires…

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By: Henri Abraham Chatelain

Date: 1719 (published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 14 x 30.7 inches (35.5 x 78 cm)

The map is richly illustrated with representations of roaming elephants and deer, pointed mountains, rice fields, and forests. Four European vessels are seen in the water, as well as three local sailboats. The map extends from the southeastern end of Sumatra, the entire length of the island of Java, with Madura Island at its northeast and the westernmost tip of Bali at the far right. An inset in the lower left corner, “Le Port de Batavia,” depicts the town of Batavia with its walls as well as the adjacent bay with its small islands and sandbanks. The inset is framed by a decorative border topped with a local inhabitant eating a piece of fruit next to various metal vessels, a tea-pot , and a parrot. At the bottom right corner of the frame is a local man with a pole leading an elephant, with a palm tree in the background.

Condition: Watermarked paper with a small vertical separation along the center fold.

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