Plan de la Ville de Pondicheri Dedié a la mémoire de Mr. Dupleix

1748 Plan de la Ville de Pondicheri Dedié a la mémoire de Mr. Dupleix

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By: Andriveau-Goujon

Date: 1748 (circa) Paris

Dimensions: 21.65 x 32.5 (55.5 cm x 82.5 cm)

Oriented with west at the top. A compass star sits at the mouth of a river south of the town, on the lower left. The map is highly detailed, showing streets and locations within the walls of the town, which has a five-pointed-plan fort at the east center. Also illustrated are surrounding rice fields, houses of brahmins, gardens, salt pans, a marsh, and a village of weavers.

Title in the middle of a strip along the bottom, with a coat of arms of Joseph François Dupleix featuring two fish facing each other above a chevron pointing upwards, with a star below. A scale, in toises, is at the center below the title. A key with letters identifying 44 locations and features on the map is found on either side of the title in the bottom strip

Condition: Small vertical tear at the bottom of the center fold, outside the margins. The edges beyond the margins are slightly darkened.

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