1786 A Map of Bengal, Bahar, Oude & Allahabad with Part of Agra and Delhi Exhibiting the Course of the Ganges from Hurdwar to the Sea

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By: William Faden

Date: 1786 (dated) London

Dimensions: 28.4 x 42 inches (72 x 106.5 cm)

This bright example shows the territories in five colors (blue, green, pink, yellow, plus orange margins). It records interior settlements and connecting roads and includes some political commentary (“Country of the Dilzat Roy Tributary to Abjid Sing”). The map extends from Delhi in the west to the borders of Burma in the east, Nepal and Tibet in the north to the borders of Odisha (Orissa) in the south. The title in the upper right is in a large pictorial cartouche, with palm and banana trees, a panther, local inhabitants include an Indian militiaman with rifle, a woman, a Hindu kneeling in worship, and a turbaned nawab, and a Neptune-like personification of the River Ganges, followed by a calligraphic dedication and description of the map.

Condition: Clean watermarked paper with original color. Small tears at the center fold. Rolled folds in bottom section.

Inventory #19227

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