1750 Imperii Magni Mogolis sive Indici Padschach

1750 Imperii Magni Mogolis sive Indici Padschach

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By: Matthäus Seutter

Date: 1750 (circa) Augsburg

Dimensions: 19.48 x 22.83 inches (49.5 cm x 58 cm)

This splendid map makes a strong impression. Hand-colored by region, with major mountain ranges, rivers, and interior towns shown, with greatest detail in the region of Surat and Cambay (present-day Khambhat) in Gujarat (“Guzratte”), as well as around Agra, Delhi (“Delli”), Punjab, and Afghanistan. Delhi is in the center of the map. Elaborate decorative cartouches and illustrations include the title cartouche in the lower left surrounded by a flying winged angel with two trumpets, a winged Mercury, Neptune astride three horses in the sea, the goddess Fortuna pouring out a basket of coins and strings of pearls. In the upper left the map’s scale is presented surrounded by cherubs, parrots, monkeys, coins, ivory tusks, and pearls. In the lower right in the Bay of Bengal is a carrack with square sails, barrels on deck, and sailors, accompanied by a launch with sailors rowing.

The map extends from Iran (Regni Persici) in the west across to China and Burma in the east, and from above Kabul (Cabul) and part of Central Asia (Tartariae pars) in the north down the peninsula to below the region of Mangalore and [Fort] St. Thomas (Madras/Chennai). The southern tip of the subcontinent does not appear on the map.

Condition: The map is in good condition with slight stains on margins and a separation that extends slightly into the map at bottom center. Toning and some foxing in the margins.

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