1712 Description Geographique de la Terre Promise, Terre des Hebreux, et des Israelites Partagée selon l’ordre de Dieu, Aux Douze Tribus Descendantes des Douze Fils de Jacob . . .

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By: Moullart-Sanson

Date: 1712 (circa) Paris

Dimensions: 13.58 x 14.17 inches (34.5 cm x 36 cm)

This map displays the territories of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Holy Land, including the names of the tribes, and showing their presumed borders along with many towns mentioned in the Bible. Also labeled are the lands of the Moabites, Madianites (Midianites), and others. A statement in the lower left corner declares that the map is intended for the reading of the Holy Scripture.

Condition: Very good condition with some foxing and uneven toning.

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