1875 Description Geographique de la Terre Promise, Terre des Hebreux, et des Israelites Partagée selon l’ordre de Dieu, Aux Douze Tribus Descendantes des Douze Fils de Jacob . . .

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By: J. Hugh Johnson, Drawn and engraved at Stanfords Geographical Establishment, London

Date: 1875 (published) Edinburgh, London, and Dublin

Dimensions: 20.9 x 16 inches (53 cm x 40.5 cm)

This map displays a highly accurate rendering of relief, shaded with hachures, and extensive, fine-grained detail of locations from the Biblical, Roman, and Ottoman Turkish periods. Dry streambeds (wadis) that only fill when there is rain are represented differently (with hachures) from rivers that always flow. Regions associated with the Twelve Tribes of Israel are marked with boxes bearing their names. A list of references in the lower right quadrant enhances readability of the map.

Condition: Very good condition.

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