1802 Lower Egypt and the Adjacent Deserts, with a part of Palestine; to which has been added the Nomenclature of the Roman age.

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By: L. S. de la Rochette

Date: 1802 (Published) London

Dimensions: 21.25 x 29 inches (54 cm x 73.5 cm)

This region was the site of Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt, Palestine, and Syria, 1798-1801. Much detail is given of the network of roads, rivers, and canals crisscrossing the delta. The entire delta is displayed, in addition to nearby Fayoum, and the northern tip of the Gulf of Suez. The seacoast curves up to Palestine, passing Jaffa and north of Acre. The interior of Palestine is shown as far inland as Nablus, Jerusalem, and Hebron. Original color designates the Nile Delta in light green, land areas are beige political boundaries are colored, and the cities of Memphis, Kahira or Cairo, Damiat, Rosetta, and Alexandria are in red. Desert regions are lightly stippled.

Condition: Good condition and appearance; lower center fold separation that extends approximately two inches into the image. Minor rolled fold.

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