1746 Egypten nach dem Zustand der alten Zeit vorgestellt. Engraved by Seb. [Sebastian] Dorn, NürnbergT. I, page 584

$ 300.00

By: Sebastian Dorn

Date: 1746 (Published by Gebauer) Halle

Dimensions: 15 x 8.3 inches (38 cm x 21 cm)

This map of Egypt with information from ancient times is labeled in Latin. It displays the course of the Nile River from Ancient Ethiopia and Philae all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Canals adjacent to the river are also shown. The Nile Delta is marvelously detailed. Most of the Sinai Peninsula appears to the east as well as part of the coast of Palestine. Place names from Hellenistic times appear in addition to Arabic ones. A key lists translations of Arabic geographical terms and explains a system of symbols indicating such landmarks as castles, monasteries, mosques, ruins, and cities, and spells out abbreviations used. An inset in the upper right illustrates the rudder operating system of local boats. Four different scales appear in the title cartouche.

Condition: Good condition, crisp print, minor foxing.

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