1751 Plan of the City and Citadel of Antwerp. Antwerp A strong, large, and Beautiful City on ye River Scheld, in the Dutchy of Brabant, subject to ye Queen of Hungary.

$ 475.00

By: James and Paul Knapton

Date: 1751 (Published) London

Dimensions: 14.8 x 18.9 (37.5 cm x 48 cm)

This attractive, clearly printed map shows all streets named in the old city and individual bastions and other edifices named in the citadel. Inset in the upper right corner of Antwerp is a small map depicting part of the H. (Holy) Roman Empire including Brabant, Flandres and Anvers. Vignettes of ships and smaller craft are included. Scale is in toises (with the note that one toise is 5 English feet). The compass rose orients the map to the east.

Condition: Trimmed very close to top and bottom margins; a tear in the upper right margin; some fraying on the left margin and of the bottom margin.

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