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Generalkarte von Polen Litauen und den angrænzenden Lændern Nach Zannoni, Follin, Uz, Pfau &c., &c.

1788 Generalkarte von Polen Litauen und den angrænzenden Lændern Nach Zannoni, Follin, Uz, Pfau &c., &c.

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By: F. A. Schræmbl

Date: 1788 (published) Vienna

Dimensions: 33 x 38 inches (84 x 97 cm)

This is a large map of Poland and Lithuania published by Schraembl out of Vienna in 1788. It addition to the Polish Liuthuanian Commonwealth, it presents much of present-day Latvia, Belarus, and western Ukraine (including Kiev), as far south as Tokai (Tokay, Hungary), Bukovina (in northern Romania); and as far west as Breslau (Wroclaw) in Silesia, and eastern Pomerania.

At the time of publication, Poland was a significant European state known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (est. 1569). However, this period was marked by a series of internal and external challenges that eventually led to the demise of the Commonwealth and subsequent partitioning of the region.

Internally, Poland faced political instability and a weakened central government due to the liberum veto, a parliamentary practice that allowed any single deputy to veto legislation, making effective governance difficult. This weakness made Poland vulnerable to external influences and interference.

Externally, the Commonwealth was subject to territorial disintegration, with neighboring powers such as Russia, Prussia, and Austria taking advantage of its vulnerabilities. The partitions of Poland, which occurred in three stages (1772, 1793, and 1795), resulted in the gradual annexation of Polish territories by its neighboring states. These partitions led to the erasure of Poland from the map of Europe for over a century.

Condition: Very good condition. Four sheet joined, one lower center fold reinforced on verso and one small separation at a fold intersection in the top center. The bottom right sheet shows light discoloration. Minor separations repaired with archival materials on verso.

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