1671 Yucatan Conventus Iuridici Hispaniæ Novæ Pars Occidentalis, et Guatimala conventus iuridicus

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By: John Ogilby

Date: 1671 (circa) London

Dimensions: 72.4 x 14.2 inches (28.5 x 36 cm)

Focus is on Central America, extending down from Tampico on the Bay of Campeche (Gulf of Mexico) to the area of Panama City. Western Cuba appears in the upper right corner. There is a striking cartouche around the title, with winged cherubs, dark-skinned locals, some with feather headdresses, a merman and mermaid at a bluff by the sea, with Neptune in the distance riding horses in the sea. Four European ships sail in the water, two with cannons firing upon each other.

Condition: Uncolored with a strong impression and full margins. Map shows some paper browning around the margins and along the centerfold. There is a vertical rolled fold at the center of the map.

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