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Antique Relief Map of the United States By: Levi Walter Yaggy, Date: 1887 (Published) Chicago, Dimensions: 23.5 x 35.5 inches

1887 Relief Map of the United States...

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Relief Map of the United States Constructed under the Supervision of Henry Gannet Chief Geographer U.S.

By: Levi Walter Yaggy

Date: 1887 (Published) Chicago

Dimensions: 23.5 x 35.5 inches (60 cm x 90.3 cm)

This hand-painted Yaggy relief map comes from the Geographical Study portfolio published by him in 1887. The map is rarely on the market and is often missing from the portfolio in which it was published.

The hand-painted relief is mounted inside an original frame from the portfolio case in which it was published. It shows the forty-eight contiguous states with all state capitals and important cities indicated by a red star, while Washington, DC is indicated by a yellow star,. The region of northwestern Wyoming containing Yellowstone National Park, which had been designated as such just fifteen years before the map was published, is colored pale pink. Major bodies of water are colored blue while rivers, streams and creeks are white. Mountain ranges are in relief with the highest capped in snow. Yaggy was certain he was on the cusp of a radical change in the methodologies used in the educational process.

His creativity was driven by his belief in the reform of teaching approaches, and in fact his publications were sold in great quantities in some areas of the country. Many of Yaggy’s works were published by the Chicago-based Western Publishing House, founded in 1874 by Yaggy himself. Yaggy seems to have viewed himself as an innovator and entrepreneur tapping into a transformational moment in American education.

Condition: This map is in B condition. Cracks and separations are numerous but the map is in stable condition with no pieces missing.

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