1921 Union Pacific System Map of Rocky Mountain National (Estes) Park Denver Mountain Parks

1921 Union Pacific System Map of Rocky Mountain National (Estes) Park Denver Mountain Parks

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By: Union Pacific Railroad Company

Date: 1921 (Copyright) Chicago

Dimensions: 30.5 x 23.5 inches (77.5 cm x 59.7 cm)

An impressive, early map of the Union Pacific Railroads attempt to promote auto travel and tourism through the Colorado Rockie region, just west of Denver. The map spans from Georgetown in the lower left to the northern portion of Rocky Mountain National Park, east to the Front Range including the towns of Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, and Denver. The map is an excellent representation of American’s early love of the automobile and an expanding highway and auto-trail system through some of America’s most remote areas. This sparked an over-commercialization of National Parks and further debate of their primary purpose as either a sanctuary of nature to be conserved or a natural playground for humans to appreciate the natural world with adverse effects.

The map distinguishes various types of highways, auto and hiking trails with solid and dashed red and black lines, identified by a legend under the map title. Topographic and hydrologic detail is given throughout and includes numerous names of rivers, lakes, mountains, and their specific elevations. A small insert in the lower left shows a map of the greater Union Pacific Systems and Connections.

Condition: This map is in A+ condition with superb color, clarity, and paper integrity.

Inventory #19282

1932 S. Halsted St. #200 Chicago, IL 60608 | P: (312) 496 - 3622

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